Kutsuwa Neonpitsu Highlighter Pencil -Orange [PA020OR]


Neonpitsu is a bible highlighter pencil invented by a Japanese stationery manufacturer that has been in business for over 100 years.
Since they are not a marker, Neonpitsu doesn't bleed on the backside of paper or the next page.
Of course, never dry up or run out of ink.
Don't need to wait for the ink to dry.
You can mark ton paper, wood, cloth and many other materials.
The transparent body shows you the remaining lead.
When the lead is shortened, it's just knock-off to extend the lead.
It has a rubber grip which gives more comfortable to write and less tiring.

This is refillable.

Available in other range of colour

Kutsuwa Neonpitsu Highlighter Pencil -Orange [PA020OR]

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