Uni-ball Jetstream EDGE Ballpoint Pen 0.28mm -Black Body [SXN-1003-28.24]


Popular for its smooth writing and quick drying Uni Jetstream series added Jetstream EDGE which has the world's smallest 0.28mm oil-based ballpoint pen.
The Jetstream EDGE offers an extraordinarily fine and precise writing experience.
The stylish body features the textured grip section is made of lightly ridged metal, and the rest of the pen is a hexagonal a sleek plastic which keeps the weight fairly low.
The metal grip keeps the centre of gravity for improved stability and control when writing.
The lightness of the pen complements the writing experience.
The unique accent clip is strong enough.
The ink is water-resistant, fade-resistant, and fade-resistant, which is great for important documents and signatures.


Pre-Installed Ink Colour: Black

Available in other range of colour

Suitable refills are SXR-203-28


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Uni-ball Jetstream EDGE Ballpoint Pen 0.28mm -Black Body [SXN-1003-28.24]

Our Selling Price: NZ $23.60(tax excluded)

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