Pentel Kinno-ho Metallic Brush Pen -Gold [XGFH-X]


Pentel Kin-no-ho/Gin-no-ho features vivid, opaque metallic ink which is perfect for creating brush lettering, writing greeting cards and adding shiny accents to decorations.
The high-quality nylon brush tip is durable and allows to write from fine line to thick line easy.
It also allows you to control the ink flowing by using the push button at the pen end.
The water-based pigment ink is water-resistant once it dried.

*Shake well before use.
*Take the cap, push the button at the pen end until ink fills the tip.
*When the pen tip dries, dip the pen tip in hot water (60-80c.) for 1-2 minutes.
*When its capped, pressing the button may cause ink leakage.

Available in other range of colour.

Pentel Kinno-ho Metallic Brush Pen -Gold [XGFH-X]

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  • 5
    Beautiful color
    By Oldbadgerbeard
    Hadn't had a chance to use it to the full extent but have been impressed so far
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  • 5
    Nice, thick lines
    By Anita
    This pen is good for decoration and it comes out well on both paper and canvas.
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