Tombow MONO Zero Eraser- Black Body [EH-KUMS11]


Tombow Mono Zero is a high-precision eraser for pinpoint erasing.
The classy aluminium finish paired with a rectangular body makes it both visually pleasing and easy to handle.
This ultrafine 2.5mm x 5mm rectangular eraser allows erasing into all the little tight spots that you can't do with a conventional eraser.
The metallic long guide pipe prevents the sleeve from obstructing your view and allows you to see a single letter and correct a detailed drawing.
It can be handled like a drafting pen.
The unique indirect advancing system extends the eraser by only 0.7mm with each click.
The light-touch synthetic rubber eraser only requires a light pressure to remove pencil marks clean without damaging the paper.
This is due to the low tolerance between the eraser core and the body and the advancing mechanism.
Perfect for designers, architects and cartoonists.

PVC free.

Available in other range of body colour. 

Refills are available from here.

Tombow MONO Zero Eraser- Black Body [EH-KUMS11]

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