Pilot Fountain Pen Converter -CON-70N [CON-70N]


This converter has a large 1.1ml capacity with a unique push-button mechanism that allows you to use the fountain pens with bottled fountain pen ink.
The CON-70N was released in 2020 as an upgrade to the standard CON-70.
It holds 1.1ml of ink and with a clear body will be easy to check the amount of ink left.
It is compatible with our Pilot Kakuno / Pilot LIGHTIVE.
-How to fill with ink-
1. Remove the empty spare (cartridge) from the body of the pen and replace it with the converter.
2. Immerse the nib into the ink vertically and pump the piston by pressing the push button five or six times to fill the converter ink tank.
Pilot Fountain Pen Converter -CON-70N [CON-70N]

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