Too Copic Ciao Marker V01 -Heath [V01]


Copic is a Japanese brand of refillable alcohol ink markers made by Too corporation.
Copic markers are available in 358 non-toxic, alcohol-based ink colours and refillable using standard colours ink refills.
The refill inks can be mixed to create custom colours.
The markers are airtight to prevent them from drying out.
Copic have a chisel- style tip at one end and a brush tip at the other, though additional styles of replaceable nibs and tips are available.
The Copic Ciao marker is the most economical Copic, providing the same great quality and experience as Sketch, but at a more attractive price and 180 colours available.
The average number of B4 sheet in cases of painting whole area evenly with broad nib : 2.7 sheets.
V01 Heath / Heath is an evergreen shrub of the azalea family that grows in the desert. The flowers are pale purple. The colour added in 1999.
Too Copic Ciao Marker V01 -Heath [V01]

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    Top quality
    By I. K
    this blends so well with the following colour!
    The nibs are very nice to use and the tone is soft but warm pink. Its not for normal paper or journaling straight onto your page. You'll need thick paper (like watercolor paper) that can handle this pen especially if you don't like inks bleeding or ghosting your page. I find ithis pen comfortable and easy to get used to. I like it.
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