Pilot Capless Fountain Pen Black -Medium Nib [FCN-1MR-B-M]


The Pilot Capless is an exceptional Fountain Pen. A simple push-button mechanism of rare precision which allows the nib to retract into the barrel when not in use, closing an air-tight seal behind it to prevent from drying out.

Winner of the Japanese award for high technology in 1965, this legendary pen has gone on to conquer the world.
The perfect combination of luxury and technology.
The Capless can be used with the black ink cartridge which comes with the Capless but is also supplied with a CON-40 converter to allow use of bottled ink.
Pilot Capless Fountain Pen Black -Medium Nib [FCN-1MR-B-M]

Our Selling Price: NZ $169.00

Weight: 20g

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説明 「キャップレス」は、パイロットが開発・製品化した世界初のノック式万年筆として、1963年の発売以来、およそ半世紀に及ぶロングセラー商品です。ノック式ボールペンのようにワンノックですばやく書くことができ、ペン先の収納時には、気密性の高いシャッター機構によりインキの漏れや乾燥を防ぎます。

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