Pentel Ain STEIN Pencil Lead 0.3mm HB [C273-HB]


STEIN stands for "Strongest Technology by Enhanced SiO2 Integrated Network". Each container contains 15 pieces of lead.

The Pentel Stein Enhanced Silica Pencil Lead features a reinforced silica core that makes the Stein Pentel's smoothest, strongest, sharpest pencil lead yet! The lead is also designed to adhere strongly to paper, making them more smear resistant and allowing you to have beautiful, clear writing and smudge free hands (great for left-handed people).

In 15 leads.


Pentel Ain STEIN Pencil Lead 0.3mm HB [C273-HB]

Our Selling Price: NZ $4.80

Weight: 5g

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説明 強さのテクノロジーシュタイン構造。フレームが内側で支える。だから折れにくい。【特長】・なめらかな書き味に加え、強さのテクノロジーを組み入れて最高レベルの強度を実現した 全く新しいシャープ替芯です。・芯の長さ:60mm・芯の入り数:15本入り

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