Pilot Prera Fountain Pen Tinted Black -Medium Nib [FPRN-350R-TB-M]


The Pilot Prera is one of the best fountain pen ever made.
The beautiful clean look acrylic body is simple and stylish but also small and compact as 12cm long or 13.5cm long when the pen cap on the back.
It offers comfort, smoothness, and value.

Fill the pen with the ink of your choice using the pre-installed converter or insert an ink cartridge.
It's an excellent fountain pen for beginners, and it also offers a lot to experienced fountain pen users.
Prera comes with a black ink cartridge and a CON-40 converter.

The body comes in many colours, and the nibs come in a range.
If you want another colour or different size of the nib which is not in our stock, we can get them!
Please contact us feel free.

Pilot Prera Fountain Pen Tinted Black -Medium Nib [FPRN-350R-TB-M]

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説明 付属のコンバータを使用して、「色彩雫」(別売り)を吸引すれば、鮮やかなインクがスケルトンボディに美しく映えます。手軽な価格ながら高品質な書き心地で、これから万年筆を使いはじめる初心者の方にも最適です

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