Pilot Fountain Pen Cartridge Ink -Black [IRF-5S-B]


This is a pack of five black Pilot Kakuno fountain pen ink cartridges.
-How to replace-
1. Unscrew the neck from the pen barrel.
2. Remove the empty cartridge by pointing the nib upward and pulling straight down while holding the neck.
3. Firmly insert a new cartridge by putting it in straight without turning or twisting, otherwise the valve may not open.
You may feel or hear a slight click when the cartridge is fully inserted.
4. Leave the pen tip down.
It takes time for ink from a cartridge to work its way to the tip of the pen.
Put the pen cap on and leave at least 5 mins.
*This cartridge is NOT compatible with Pilot Petit.
Pilot Fountain Pen Cartridge Ink -Black [IRF-5S-B]

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