Pilot Fountain Pen Converter -CON-40 [CON-40]


This piston-style twist converter allows you to use the fountain pens with bottled fountain pen ink.
It holds 0.4ml of ink and with a clear body will be easy to check the amount of ink left.
Four small agitator beads inside the barrel help break up air bubbles to help maintain steady ink flow.
It is compatible with our Pilot Kakuno / Pilot Prera / Pilot COCOON / Pilot LIGHTIVE.
-How to fill with ink-
*Rotation type Converter
1. While holding the neck so that the nib points up, unscrew the neck from the pen barrel and then insert the converter.
2. Rotate the knob of the converter counter-clockwise. (Handle the pen gently after wiping off ink in the nib with either soft tissue paper or cloth. Since ink may be bespattered, if the nib contains sufficient ink.)
3. Immerse the nib into the ink, and turn the knob clockwise.
Pilot Fountain Pen Converter -CON-40 [CON-40]

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    Easy to use
    By Oldbadgerbeard
    Opens up a world of colour. No longer need to be limited to what is available in cartridges.
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