Kuretake Fudegokochi -Gray Ink [LS5-10S]


Fudegokochi is the firm felt brush pen that is perfect for the calligraphy and the lettering, especially for the beginners.

The pen-like tip can easy to control and write different line variations by the pressure.
This small pen size is good to carry and the clip will help to attach with your dairy or sketchbook.
The ink remaining is visible from the small window.
Light resistance and water resistance Water-based Dye ink 
Kuretake Fudegokochi -Gray Ink [LS5-10S]

Our Selling Price: NZ $4.60

Weight: 20g

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説明 すらすらと、筆のここちのサインペン。ハガキやメモはもちろん、手紙や手帳などに。

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