Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Case -Denim Slim Size -Hickory [S1415913]



The famous pen case Sunstar DELDE has a new slim size which is more comfortable to carry.

The new size is about 60% slimmed down as compared to the regular size.

This means standard size fits about 35 pens and new slim size fits about 20 pens.

Made with a popular material such as denim made the pouch more fashionable suits for boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen.

Easy one slide action made this pouch transforms into the pen stand.

It will be a good idea to use as a make-up pouch since it can be taken the make-up brush out quickly.

It made of Cotton and Polyester.  It is not washable or launderable.


Wide 110mm x Height 180mm (130mm) xDepth 55mm


Available in other range of colour


Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Case -Denim Slim Size -Hickory [S1415913]

Our Selling Price: NZ $22.60

Weight: 100g

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説明 DELDEはサイドのつまみを下げることで、そのまま立てて使えるペンケースポーチです。 職場や学校でも安定感のあるペンスタンドとして使えます。 人気のデニム素材でユニセックスなデザインに。 レギュラーサイズに比べ約60%の容量にスリム化されているので、 ちょっとした外出時でもスマートに持ち歩けます。

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