Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Ink Pen 1.0mm -Black [JJE15-BK]


Zebra has done a superb job combining all the desirable characteristics of a fine tipped gel ink pen into one creation - the Sarasa Clip.

The Sarasa features a gel pen tip that is sturdy enough to endure hard writing pressure, drops, and other pen abuses. It's also retractable, and is equipped with a binder clip that allows it to clip onto thicker object without breaking. It has smooth writing, is affordable, and is even made of recycled plastic. All of these characteristics make it a favorite for travelers and office workers who want a high quality pen you can take anywhere, and yet lose without too much monetary sorrow.


*Pre-Installed Ink Color :Black

 Available in other range of colour

 Suitable refills are Zebra JF-1.0.

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Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Ink Pen 1.0mm -Black [JJE15-BK]

Our Selling Price: NZ $2.60

Weight: 11g

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説明 ジェルインクなので、さらさらとしたなめらかな書き味です。耐水性に優れた水性顔料だから、濃くてにじまず、鮮やかな発色と豊富な色が楽しめます。 可動式バインダークリップの採用により、厚みのあるボード等にもはさめ、クリップ折れを軽減させます。

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