Kuretake Water Brush Pen -Large Tip [KG205-30]

This portable water brush pen is a perfect size for those who wish to paint anywhere at any time.
The brush tip is specialised for water colour painting which means great for the blurring or mixing the colours as a professional.

All you need to do is just fill the barrel of the pen with water.
The retractable valve to allow squeeze control of the water released.

You don't need to bring a bucket anymore.
Keep squeeze and run the water on a paper towel or clothes to clean the brush tip.
We highly recommend these Kuretake Gansai, and Akashiya Colour Brush Pens with the water brush pen!


Tip Length about 15mm

Available in other range of size


Kuretake Water Brush Pen -Large Tip [KG205-30]

Our Selling Price: NZ $12.80

Weight: 15g

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説明 この持ち運びが便利な水筆でいつでもどこでもお手軽に絵が描けます。 また水彩画用の筆が使われているのでぼかしや混色など本格的な水彩画も描くことができます。 準備は中に水をいれるだけでOKです。常に筆を湿らせておけるので 外出先でもバケツいらずで水彩画を描けます。 また、筆を洗う時も筆先に布かペーパータオルを当てながら水を出すだけで 簡単に筆先がきれいになります。

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