Kokuyo Harinacs Needle-Less Staplers 5 Papers [SLN-MSH205]


It is a cover, a lower cover lever in materials /: Close R-ABS; a hole position confirmation window: ABS, the main body: A steel sheet, a blade: Stainless steel
Is closed; approximately eight pieces of number of sheets / copying papers (PPC paper)
Product size: 3.2*13.5*9.5cm
Is closed; hole dimensions /5 *7.9mm

There is not the retentivity that is equal to the stapler using the needle.
When I close paper, there is a hole.
It is closed, and, depending on a kind of the paper, the number of sheets decreases and may not be closed.
In addition, please be careful because retentivity may become weak. (thin paper including thermal paper, the copying slip, tender paper)
It is not available to a thing except the paper such as films, the thing with the adhesive.
Please use it after testing it with unnecessary paper by all means.
Please do not close the edge of paper and the same point twice.
Kokuyo Harinacs Needle-Less Staplers 5 Papers [SLN-MSH205]

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