Kuretake Gansai Tambi Gem Colours [MC20GC/6V]


Metallic-toned Gansai that sparkle like gemstones. 
With excellent opaqueness, the deep colors stain the paper and stand out boldly.
Ideal for use in calligraphy, brush lettering, illustrating and all other types of paintings. 

The high quality water-based pigments were created to radiate from both light and dark paper so that you can create endless watercolour art.Apply water brush with colour to activate it. 

Available in other range of colour.


Kuretake Gansai Tambi Gem Colours [MC20GC/6V]

Our Selling Price: NZ $25.20

Weight: 90g

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説明 宝石のようにキラキラきらめく、メタリック調の顔彩絵の具です。 隠ぺい性に優れ、濃い色の紙にもしっかり発色します。カリグラフィー・ブラッシュレタリング・イラスト・書画など、あらゆる作品にご使用いただけます

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