Kuretake Fudebiyori Metallic 6 colours Brush Pens [CBK-55ME/6V]


ZIG Fudebiyori Metallic pens are a water-based pigment with a semi flexible hard brush tip allowing you to easily control strokes and lettering. Flexible enough to make thick downstrokes and fine upstrokes.
Especially effective on dark colored papers but also light coloured paper as well. The waterproof ink is photo-safe, Acid-free, lightfast, odorless and xylene-free also archival quality.
Kuretake Fudebiyori Metallic 6 colours Brush Pens [CBK-55ME/6V]

Our Selling Price: NZ $19.80

Weight: 70g

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説明 筆ペンタイプの芯先は、ベタ塗りも細かい塗りも自由自在。水性顔料インキ。漫画、イラスト、絵てがみに最適です。メタリック色のゴールド・シルバー・グリーン・バイオレット・ブルー・レッドの6色セット。

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    Gorgeous metallic brush pens
    By Sarah
    These pens are a dream to use – good pigment, pretty quick to dry and show up equally well on light or dark paper. The flexible felt tip is great for hand lettering.
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