Pentel Standard Brush Pen - Bold Tip [XFL2B]

Asia's long history of chinese calligraphy and drawing make it a great source for quality brush pens. These brush pens from Pentel feature nylon brush tips and are filled with aqueous dye-based inks that are great for painting or sketching on the go. Flexible nibs allow varying line widths and are easily refilled.


Bold brush tip is ideal for big and bold lettering without generating blur.
Perfect for art, poster and display ad.
Tip size/ Length 18mm, Thickness 5.4mm


Pre-Installed Ink Color :Black

Suitable refill is Pentel Standard Brush Pen Refill

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To use upon uncapping

Pentel Standard Brush Pen - Bold Tip [XFL2B]

Our Selling Price: NZ $18.00

Weight: 21g

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説明 ぺんてる筆の毛は一本一本先が細く処理されており、全て穂先まで通っています。インクジェット紙にも使用できます。書道・書初めなどの大きな文字に最適の太字タイプ。大きく、太い文字書きでもカスレずに書けます。

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