Tombow MONO Knock Eraser 3.8 -Blue Body [EH-KE40]


Tombow's Mono Knock eraser has a pen like body makes this eraser very easy to use and store.
Rubber grip allows firm hold and provides maximum control.
Ideal to erase very small mistakes. Features an elastic rubber clip for comfortable use.
Round 3.8mm diameter eraser tip.
3 translucent Pink, Blue and Green colours are available.
Tombow MONO Knock Eraser 3.8 -Blue Body [EH-KE40]

Our Selling Price: NZ $3.30

Weight: 10g

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説明 信頼のブランド「MONO」のノック式消しゴム「モノノック3.8」。 ラバーグリップの握りやすさと腰の強い細消しゴムのグッドバランスは細部消しから文字、線消しまで幅広く対応します。

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