Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Case - Pop Yellow [S1409662]


This pencil case has large storage space approximately 35 pencils to fit maximally. 
There are 3 pockets inside the pencil case to easy to keep the stuffs organised. 
Most merit of this pencil case is able to stand alone like stable pencil cups. 
Set the pencil case on your desk, open the zipper, and pull down on the two side tabs then it will transform to the pen stand in 3 seconds. 
This is useful to carry not only for the pencils but also scissors, mobile phones, digital cameras, portable music players, cosmetics and more. 
Choose from a variety of pretty patterns and colours. 


This bright coloured striped design pencil case has a cute plastic zipper.
This pop style pencil case must makes you happy every time when you see this pretty colour on your desk or in your bag.


Wide 130mm x Height 180mm (130mm) xDepth 58mm


Available in other range of colour


Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Case - Pop Yellow [S1409662]

Our Selling Price: NZ $20.80

Weight: 100g

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説明 DELDEはサイドのつまみを下げることで、そのまま立てて使えるペンケースポーチです。 職場や学校でも安定感のあるペンスタンドとして使えます。 小さく見えてペンが最大約35本入れることができ、ハサミやスティックのりも入れることができます。 もちろんペンだけでなく、化粧品やデジタルアクセサリーの収納など、自分だけの使い方を見つけてください。

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    It's awesome!!
    By Anonymous
    I got this for its creativity because it easily transforms into a pen holder. So it is the perfect pencil case for on the go. You might think it's small, but it can actually fit in all your writing essentials! Highly recommended!!
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