Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry Colours [MC20SC/6V]


Gansai Tambi Starry Colors is a palette of 6 beautiful gold mica watercolours that shimmer and shine. The range of gold metallic shades are perfect for adding magnificent luminous effects for you illustrations, lettering, landscapes and many other projects. Each watercolour pan contains a bright dazzling hue and is perfectly compatible with existing Gansai Tambi paint sets. The high quality water-based pigments were created to radiate from both light and dark paper so that you can create endless watercolour art. Apply water brush with colour to activate it.

Mix the intense pigments together to create brilliant hues and artistic washes. Fuse the water-based metallic silvers and golds for magnificent, glittering effects.
If you want a gold that looks opaque and as real as any gold foil, this is a great paint for you.
Set of 6 colours: Blue gold, Red gold, Yellow gold, Champagne gold, Light gold, and White gold.


Available in other range of colour.


Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry Colours [MC20SC/6V]

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Weight: 90g

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説明 美しい金色ベースの顔彩絵の具です。カリグラフィー、ブラッシュライティング、イラスト、書画など、あらゆる作品にご使用いただけます。呉竹の洗練された技術で作り出された安全な顔彩は健康と環境に配慮し、国際安全基準を満たす材料を使用して作られていますので、使用中も、完成した作品を贈る際にも安心安全です。(米国画材協会認定のAPマーク取得商品)

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