Pentel Multi 8 Pencil Lead Holder [PH802]


This pencil contains one Pentel Multi 8 lead holder, one of each eight colours of lead (Diazo non copy, PPC non copy, red, blue, brown, orange, yellow, and green).


The perfect tool for bible highlighter, illustration, drawing, and much more.


Diazo non copy lead does not show up when copied by a Diazo (wet type) copy machine, and the PPC non copy lead does not show up when copied by a PPC (dry type) copy machine. Most modern copy machines are PPC. However, blueprints are still often copied by Diazo copy machines.

The Pentel Multi 8 lead holder contains eight different colors of 2 mm lead in one convenient holder! Perfect for a designer or artist, this lead holder allows you to move from one color to another with ease --- simply rotate the plastic clip to the desired color, then press the top button to extend the lead. The lightweight plastic holder has a ridged grip area and a balanced feel in the hand.To refill the holder, turn the top knob until the silver line aligns with the black plastic arrow on the top of the clip. This will then completely release the lead when the top button is pressed down. Keep the button pressed down, and the clutch claw at the tip opened, so that you can insert your refill lead through the holder tip. Once your lead is refilled, turn the knob again so that the line is not matched up with the black arrow, so that the holder will catch the lead at the metal end.


Suitable refills are HERE

Pentel Multi 8 Pencil Lead Holder [PH802]

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