Sakura CRAY-PAS Oil Pastels 12 color [LP12R]


High quality and Safety! Japanese Famous Oil pastel Brand "SAKURA Cray-pas" Colors include Red, Yellow, Light-green, Green, Li­ght-blue, Blue, Pink, Beige, Brown, Black, Gray, White Applications -Creative Drawing -Lettering & Signage -Scratch Art & Dot art -Wall art & Stenciling art -Cards & Craft projects Features -Meets non-toxicity requirements -No use of tree-nut oils, soy, latex, wheat, oat, barley,animal oils or waxes, dairy, casein, or egg ingredients -Will not peel, crack or flake, and are easily blend-able -Oil paint effects, overlaying color, and a variety of effects can be experienced


Invented in 1925, Sakura Color Products of Osaka, Japan, formulated Cray-Pas oil pastels with premium quality pigments, wax and oil. The motivation was to provide school children with a blend-able, smooth textured art material to help promote creativity and self-expression. With innovation, first-class ingredients, and the belief of an individual’s Power to Express™ at its core, the company expanded the oil pastel family offering, which now consists of Junior Artist®, Expressionist®, and Specialist®. Today, the finest elements continue to make up Cray-Pas oil pastels. And the Cray-Pas family is ideally suited to compliment technique and expression development from childhood through high school, college, and into the professional level. Young artists blossom with creamy, smooth color that they can smear, blend, dot, over-lap and mix. They can learn how to hold a stick to achieve different strokes – either as a pencil, clenched in a fist or on its side. Scratch and stencil art are possible in addition to working with water color over variety. Creativity and interest are enhanced with materials that encourage exploration and expression.

Sakura CRAY-PAS Oil Pastels 12 color [LP12R]

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説明 サクラクレパスは、クレヨンとパステルの特性を合わせもつ棒状の描画用具です。クレヨンは一般的にやや固めで線描に適していますが、クレパスは柔らかく伸びが良いため面塗り適しています。また、クレヨンは透明感がありますが、クレパスは不透明で油絵のような重厚な絵が描けます。

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