Uni-ball Shift Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm [M5-1010]


The Uni-ball Shift Pipe Lock Mechanical Pencil is a visual masterpiece both in design and function.
It has a unique shift and lick mechanism that allows you to protect the pencil tip during travels.
The upper body shifts forward to create a body transformation as it protects the guide pipe and lead from breakage.
The body locks in either position so the pencil doesn’t accidentally shift during use.

This pencil is also nice to hold, and comfortable to write with.
Nice weight and features a low centre of gravity to allow stable writing and reduce hand fatigue.
The finely designed grip is etched with many grooves to offer a non-slip grip, and the guide pipe differentiated by colour accents. The upper body is made of plastic while the grip and tip is made of metal.
All in all a clever design and a stable one as well.
Perfect not only for drafting, but also illustrating.

The pencils also come with a removable instructions sticker showing just how to lock/unlock the lead sleeve.


 Available in other range of lead size.

Suitable erasers are Uni Mechanical Pencil Eraser Refill Size C.

  1. Twist the upper body slightly to the left.
  2. Push down to the grip.
  3. Twist the upper body to the left again until its click sounds.




Uni-ball Shift Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm [M5-1010]

Our Selling Price: NZ $21.60

Weight: 22g

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説明 軸をひねってロックをかけることにより、繊細で長いペン先を収納する機能と勝手に芯が出ることを防ぐノックロック機構が働きます。先端収納により、衝撃でペン先が曲がることを防ぎ、ノックロック機構により、使わない時に芯が勝手に出てペンケースを汚すことを防ぎます。

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