Kuretake ZIG PostChalk Marker Wet-Wipe Deep 8Colours [POST-500A/8VD]

These wet-wipe chalk markers are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces including glass, whiteboards and chalkboards. These prominent liquid chalk markers produce a chalk look without a chalk mess, are a valve-action and can be removed using a damp cloth.

Used for indoor advertisements in shops, florists, pubs, bars and restaurants. Please note, these markers can be easily removed from non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth.

Include: Jubilee Cherry, Victorian Blue, Moss Green, Burnt Sienna, Golden Yarrow, Burnt Umber, Marigold, and Wild Heather colour.

6mm Tip

Available in other range of colour

Kuretake ZIG PostChalk Marker Wet-Wipe Deep 8Colours [POST-500A/8VD]

Our Selling Price: NZ $35.82 [Regular Price: NZ $39.80]

Weight: 250g

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説明 窓ガラスやブラックボードにチョーク風の線が書けるマーカーです 書いた後は水ぶきで簡単に消す事ができます。 カフェ、レストランのブラックボードやパーティーの時のデコレーションにも最適。 使い方はとっても簡単で、よく振ってから、ペン先を数回紙に押し付けて中のインクをペン先に滲ませてあげれば準備完了です。 あなたのイメージのまま書くことができるでしょう。

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