Pentel Kerry Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm -Blue Body [P1035-CD]


Kerry is the cap-type mechanical pencil of the longtime seller product which released in 1971.

The big concept for the Kerry is “Mechanical pencil like a fountain pen.”

To follow the concept, Kerry has a beautiful shiny body with matted silver colour tip.

The cap can connect to the back of the pen when in use.

There is a hidden eraser at the top.

It’s possible to knock with or without the cap.

It combines designability with functionality.

Dark shiny body looks executive. Perfect for professional use.

130mm of the body length is excellent balance to turn and write.


*As for the body colour, it is supposed the spot such as the irregularity because of the metallic painting.

*The cap and the body are made of different materials and will differ slightly in colour.


Available in other range of colour

Pentel Kerry Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm -Blue Body [P1035-CD]

Our Selling Price: NZ $27.40

Weight: 23g

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説明 ケリーは1971年発売に発売が開始されたロングセラー商品のキャップ式シャープペンシルです。  とても重厚で、クールな輝きを放つパーツが高級感を演出。万年筆のようなキャップの脱着や芯出しのノックなど、剛性に溢れた使用感もケリーならでは。 筆記時約130ミリのボディは取り回しやバランスに優れています。口金の形状はペン先の視認性を高め、中央の金属パーツはキャップの着脱の際にすべり止めになるなど、機能性とデザイン性を兼ねています。

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