Uni-ball Signo 307 Gel Ink Pen 0.5mm -Black Ink [UMN30705.24]


Uni-ball signo 307 is the pen that uses a cellulose nanofibers first time in the world.

It was very popular and got high evaluation with “SKIP FREE” in North America sold ahead.


Uni-ball Signo uses new material fibre of the plant.

The cellulose nanofiber is a very fine material that is uniformly mixed in the ink, was the ink viscosity at the time of writing able to reduce about 50% than the conventional gel ink ballpoint pen.

That means it is hard to blur even in fast writing because the viscosity changes appropriately when writing.

In addition, less viscosity ink doesn’t remain in the pen tip it is works to prevent the accumulation of liquid.


This gel ink is also acid-free, water-resistant, fade resistant, and protects against fraud.



Lines drawn with a conventional pen, left, and with Uni-Ball Signo 307, right (courtesy of Mitsubishi Pencil).


Pre-Installed Ink Color :Black

Available in other range of colour

Suitable refills are Uni-ball UMR-85E

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Uni-ball Signo 307 Gel Ink Pen 0.5mm -Black Ink [UMN30705.24]

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Weight: 10g

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