Pilot Dr.Grip Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm -Metallic Pink Body [HDG-50R-MP5]


Dr.Grip born to reduce stiff shoulder or the hand tiring by writing.

Grip shaft diameter based on human engineering can be grasped without burden on the muscles of arm and shoulder that take the writing .

In addition, Stable grasp is possible though the grip of the pen is to be in the double layer with a high degree of hardness outer layer than the inner layer, and it keeps moderate softness.

Layer of air between the rubber grip of the pencil and pencil body to allow a heat cooling effect, dispersing heat from fingers to keep hands cool while you are writing is also a feature.



This pen can extend the lead by shake instead of clicking down.
It means you don't need to re-grip every time when you need to extend lead.

Available in other range of body colour

Pilot Dr.Grip Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm -Metallic Pink Body [HDG-50R-MP5]

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Weight: 24g

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