Pentel Art Brush Pen -Yellow Orange [XGFL-140]


'Pentel Brush Pen' is the long selling has been loved since 1976 as a brush pen made by synthetic fibre first in the world.

'Art Brush Pen' made by such a great 'Pentel Brush Pen' with 18 colour variation ink.


Brush tip can make soft and curved line.
This will bring you a wider representation.
Very durable tip made by high quality artificial hair.



1.Possible to adjust the ink by pressing at back of the shaft portion.

2.Can blur and dilute the colour when drop the tip into the small amount of the water.

3.Can make gradation colour for the paint when put dark colour and light colour on the tip.

This colourful and smooth writhing 'Art Brush Pen' is suitable to drawing, illustrations, painting and colouring book for adult, not only the calligraphy.


Available in other range of colour

Refillable with Pentel Art Brush Pen Refill

To use upon uncapping


Pentel Art Brush Pen -Yellow Orange [XGFL-140]

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