Pentel Aquash Waterbrush -Medium Tip [FRH-M]


This empty water brush is great for solid colors or powdered pigments.
The synthetic brush attached by a non-return valve to a hollow body which can be filled with water or colour.
Use this brush with watercolor crayons, markers, gouache, ink, and pencils to spread and smooth colors.
Featuring a durable, nylon brush that will hold its point use after use.
Soft, easy-to-squeeze barrel effortlessly stays in your hand.
The barrel design preventing the brush from rolling away.
The controllable water out-put allows you take total control of your work.
ACMI certified.
This package contains one water brush with a large fine point tip.
An extremely popular item amongst all kinds of artists, particularly those on the move.

Tip Length 18mm, Tip Width 4mm


Available in other range of size

Pentel Aquash Waterbrush -Medium Tip [FRH-M]

Our Selling Price: NZ $11.80

Weight: 9g

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説明  ぺんてる社製、水彩色鉛筆専用の水筆です。水彩色鉛筆で描いた上をなぞって、手早く、ぼかしができます。軸に水を内蔵。水入れや筆洗いがいりません。それゆえ携帯に便利で、手軽に水彩画が楽しめます。使い方は、握る部分に水を入れるだけ。そこに少し圧力をかけると、毛先へ水を送ってくれます。 「描く」「混ぜる」「のばす」「洗う」これ1本でOKの水筆です。

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