Zebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencil -0.5mm Light Blue Body [P-MA85-LB]


Protect the lead. Long lasting writing.

During writing, force is put on the pen tip, therefore lead breaks.

Pen tip will come out to protect the lead when too much force is applied to the lead!
This is the "DelGuard System"

There are two sets of stabilizing springs, separate from the standard spring when you advance the lead.
Upper spring absorbs direct up/down shock, and lower is there to buffer the side to side load on the load by way of the floating tip.

Therefore, allowing you to keep writing without fear of the lead breaking!!
What this "DelGuard System" does is to infuse confidence in writing without subconsciously worrying of breaking the lead.


Available in other range of body colour

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Zebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencil -0.5mm Light Blue Body [P-MA85-LB]

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Weight: 12g

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