Uni-ball Pure Malt Ballpoint Pen -Slim Body 0.7mm -Dark Brown Body [SS-1025.22]


You may think that whiskey and a good pen have nothing in common.

The lives of the two are deeply intertwined with the Uni-ball Pure Malt line. Uni-ball has incorporated the high quality and

rich wood from the whiskey barrels of Japan’s famous Suntory brewery and has given it a new life in the body of a writing instrument.


The pen is apparently made from dark oak wood from old Yamazaki whisky casks that have held whisky for more than 50 years,

and the oak had been growing for 50 years before being made into casks, making it more than 100 years old.


Gentle warmth reaches a natural texture softened heart and character.

Feel the warmth natural colors and form.


Pre-Installed Ink Color :Black

Available in other range of body colour. 

*Shaft diameter 10.9mm

Suitable refills are S-7L

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Uni-ball Pure Malt Ballpoint Pen -Slim Body 0.7mm -Dark Brown Body [SS-1025.22]

Our Selling Price: NZ $21.60

Weight: 20g

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説明 こころなごむナチュラルな質感と、 文字に伝わる優しいぬくもり。 自然な色調とフォルムがあたたかさを感じさせます。優しい輝きのシャンパンゴールドが木肌とマッチした、親しみやすい一本です。細軸10.9mmです

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