Kokuyo Campus Junior Mechanical Pencil -1.3mm -Pink [PS-C101P]

Kids can have cool mechanical pencils too! The Kokuyo Campus Junior is a fun hexagonal shaped mechanical pencil which is great for writing practice. The holder is refillable. Because it is coated rubber, it is easy to stand and does not slip. it is a hexagonal design like a pencil, and but can use it smoothly.

To refill lead, just insert lead pieces into the hole at the top of the pencil cap.

It is secured and such a relief.

Kokuyo Campus Junior Mechanical Pencil -1.3mm -Pink [PS-C101P]

Our Selling Price: NZ $3.51 [Regular Price: NZ $3.90]

Weight: 7g

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説明 鉛筆の筆記する時と近い芯径の1.3mmなので、芯が折れにくく、鉛筆感覚で書くことができる、小学生のためのシャープペンシルです。ノック部のキャップが外れないので、誤飲を防ぎます。本体にソフトグリップ軸を採用しているので、指にフィットします。

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