Tombow AirPress Apro Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm -Green Body [BC-APA63]

The new AirPress Apro is targeted to indoor individuals who wear "aprons" or lab coats such as doctors, nurses, cooks, waitresses, home caretakers/cleaners, etc. It still has the same ability to write at extreme angles, upside down, on wet paper, and in cold temperatures, making it an ideal writing companion for those working in busy environments.


For example, a cook can quickly write down ingredients on a damp paper spotted with sauce using the Tombow AirPress Apro. It is similar to the Uni-ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pen, except that this pen ingeniously uses the retraction method to create air pressure.

The pen includes great features to make your life easier. It has a lock that prevents the tip from coming out while it is in your pocket.

The push clip has a bumpy surface to grip onto fabric better and can expand up to 12 mm wide, allowing you to clip the pen onto thick objects. Lastly, the "knock" or retractable function is quiet, suitable for professional environments.

Pre-Installed Ink Color :Black

Suitable refills are BR-SF


Tombow AirPress Apro Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm -Green Body [BC-APA63]

Our Selling Price: NZ $7.38 [Regular Price: NZ $8.20]

Weight: 17g

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説明 ・ノックのたび圧縮空気を作り、インクを押し出す加圧システムで上向きや立ち書き、速書き、そして湿った紙でのカスレやトギレなどの筆記トラブルもなく確実な筆記ができます。 ・しっかり挟める大型クリップは、使い勝手と効率化にこだわっています。つまみやすくサッとさしてサッと取れる大型クリップは開くとペン先が戻る安全機構を採用し、エプロンへの携帯に最適です。 ・ノックガードがあるので立ったりしゃがんだりが多いアクティブな仕事でもうっかりノックしてポケットなどをインクで汚したりしません。

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