Uni-ball Kuru Toga with Rubber Grip 0.5mm -Black [M5-656 1P.24]


The Uni Kuru Toga pencil is truly - and literally - revolutionary. When using a normal mechanical pencil at a typical writing angle, the lead point quickly becomes chisel-shaped. This leads to broader, less precise lines; and crumbling of the resulting sharp edge. The unique gear mechanism of the Kuru Toga rotates the lead every time it is touched to the paper, resulting in a clean cone-shaped tip which is sharp and resistant to breaking. Simple, yet brilliant.
In addition, the rubber grip is easy on the hands and lets you write comfortably for long periods of time.



Available in other range of body colour. 

Suitable erasers are Uni Mechanical Pencil Eraser Refill Size S. 

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Uni-ball Kuru Toga with Rubber Grip 0.5mm -Black [M5-656 1P.24]

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