Pilot LIGHTIVE Fountain Pen -Medium Nib -Non Colour Body [FLT-2SR-NC-M]


The LIGHTIVE is easy to use and pursues design and functionality.

The lightweight body with excellent portability and a design that can be used casually in a variety of situations makes you want to take it with you everywhere else.
The new inner cap ensures high airtightness and protects the nib from drying out, which is a weak point of fountain pens so that the pen can be written out immediately.
"LIGHTIVE" is a coined word that combines the words LIGHT and ACTIVE.
It was named in the hope that it would be carried with you at all times.
The affordable price is good for even fountain pen beginners for their first or second fountain pen, and the cost performance is outstanding. The nib is made of a special alloy and has a hard writing feel, making it easy to use even for those who normally use ballpoint pens.
The body, neck and cap are made of resin and are very lightweight, while only the clip is made of metal.
The Lightive comes with a black ink cartridge. This fountain pen can be used either with the IRF-5S ink cartridge or the CON-40 / CON-70N fountain pen ink converter.
Pilot LIGHTIVE Fountain Pen -Medium Nib -Non Colour Body [FLT-2SR-NC-M]

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