Pentel Orenz Nero 0.5mm [PP3005-A]


As you might know, Nero means black in Latin and Italian.
Executive mat black colour covering whole pencil body is the symbol of the long history of Pentel mechanical pencil since they produced the first knock mechanical pencil in 1960 in the world.
A break-resistant lead mechanical pencil protects pencil leads by their unique system called the 'Orenz System'.
Plus, it has an 'Auto advancing system.' 
The pencil lead automatically comes out every single time when the lead is apart from the paper.
It means you never need to knock the top while you are writing.
Orenznero is very comfortable writing with hand has an excellent low position of gravity.
Light, strong, and comfortable which is the Pentel has been pursuing a half-century is all in Orenznero.
The greatest pencil in Pentel's history for greatest you.

Available in other range of body colour

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Pentel Orenz Nero 0.5mm [PP3005-A]

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