Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist White Brush -Fine Tip [CNBW-01S]


ZIG Cartoonist White brush pen is great for highlights in illustration and manga artworks.

The brush pen tip makes it easy to draw from the small line to the wide line.

Water-based pigment ink.

This pen is refillable. The refill cartridge is available.


*It may cause the colour to bleed when you use the white brush pen over water-based dye ink or water-based ink. 


*To use upon uncapping


-A yellow ring between the reservoir half of the pen and the brush half is removed, and when the two parts are screwed back together, the reservoir is punctured, allowing ink to flow to the brush.

Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist White Brush -Fine Tip [CNBW-01S]

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