Uni-ball Jetstream Prime 0.7mm -Navy Body [SXN-2200-07.9]


The Jetstream Prime ballpoint pen has a luxurious barrel design and a smooth writing feel, but with a soft knock sound.
Instead of the two-handed rotary system that is common in older, higher-priced products, this model uses a convenient knock-knock system.
The brass tip and stainless steel barrel give the nib a good weight and a stable writing feel.
The Jetstream Prime Series is available in five colours with a high-quality paint finish and a smooth, uneven shape.
The Jetstream Prime series is designed to have a softer knock sound and a softer knock feel than a classic ballpoint pen for a premium, smart feel. 


Pre-Installed Ink Colour: Black

Available in other range of colour

Suitable refills are SXR-7

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Uni-ball Jetstream Prime 0.7mm -Navy Body [SXN-2200-07.9]

Our Selling Price: NZ $42.80(tax excluded)

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