Uni-ball Kuru Toga Advance Model 0.5mm -Black Body [M5-559 1P]


The Kurutoga Advance is a mechanical pencil that makes you write beautiful writing with the same thickness and darkness of the letters all the time.
The rotating mechanism has evolved into an engine that turns twice as fast.
This means that the lead is sharpened at twice the speed, resulting in a faster, finer and more consistent line width.
In order to make the lead rotation mechanism more stable, precision-machined metal parts have been used.
To prevent the lead from breaking the slide-pipe covers the lead to protect it during the writing.


Suitable erasers are Uni Mechanical Pencil Eraser Refill Size S. 

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Uni-ball Kuru Toga Advance Model 0.5mm -Black Body [M5-559 1P]

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