Kuretake Gansai Tambi Opal Colours [MC20OC/6V]


Gansai Tambi Opal colours is a magical set of 6 beautiful interference watercolours that change colour and shine depending on the angle of view, the light, colour of the substrate and the colour of the paper.

When applied to the white paper, the solar appears almost colourless at first glance, but the pearlescent effect is enhanced by the angle of light and the angle of view.
When applied to dark paper, the light is absorbed by the colour of the paper, resulting in strong metallic colour and shine.
Regardless of the colour of the paper, the stronger the light the more intense the colouring of the particles and the more they shine.
It can be mixed with other water-based inks and paints as well as with other opal colours.
It is an art material that can be used not only as the main painting but also as an accent for a wide range of other works such as watercolours, illustrations, calligraphy and brush lettering.
This set includes six colours: Opal Blue (No. 663), Opal Copper (No. 692), Opal Gold (No. 695), Opal Green (No. 651), Opal Pink (No. 634), and Opal Violet (No. 638).  

Available in other range of colour.


Kuretake Gansai Tambi Opal Colours [MC20OC/6V]

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