Zebra Sarasa Grand Vintage 0.5mm -Red Black Ink [P-JJ56-VRB]

The ZEBRA Sarasa Grand is one of the best deals in the pen world. It has a beautiful metal body for those who love the Sarasa Gel pen but crave a weighted, more sophisticated pen body.
On March 2020, ZEBRA released the Sarasa Grand Vintage series of pens. This is the same pen as the original Sarasa Grand, but with 10 new cool ink colours.

The ink is water-resistant, rapid dry with no smears and no smudges.
All of Sarasa Grand Vintage series share the same refill as regular Sarasa clip which is available HERE.

Suitable refills are Zebra JF-0.5.

Zebra Sarasa Grand Vintage 0.5mm -Red Black Ink [P-JJ56-VRB]

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